Guess who’s back?!

I realized recently that I miss writing for the student newspaper as outlet for my random thoughts, aggravations and smile-inducing moments. And while I’m sure my Facebook friends adore me and all, they can only take so much of my banging on about the things that are in my head. In fact, there are things inside my head that would scare the bejeezus out of them. Best to play it safe and create a place for me to keep on producing my art with words. Make no mistake; every piece I write is, to me, a work of art. Maybe not a Mona Lisa, or a Sistine Chapel, but a work of art nonetheless.

The first topic I would like to pontificate on is everyone’s favorite deity, God.  I’m seriously pissed off at this being right now.  How much heartache and misery must one family go through before enough is enough? I have close family friends that just keep on losing people in their lives…a husband, a son, and yesterday, a father figure.  You’re thinking “Well, everyone dies. It’s a part of life.”  While that rings true for the elderly, infirm and reckless, these three men were none of the above.  One was broken to literal pieces in a horrific accident and the other was ripped away from us by a massive stroke. 

Then there’s another friend who recently lost her brother and then her father within two weeks time. What the hell God? We’re supposed to believe that you have some plan for all of us, yet you continue to torture those who, in my humble opinion, deserve it least.

Belief in this God is just something I can’t get behind. Everything we know about this God is taken from what is essentially a book of fables.  We’re supposed to have blind faith in this unseen spirit because if we don’t, we’ll spend an eternity in hell. So honestly, self-preservation is at the root of most Christian’s faith. They’re just trying to get into heaven and avoid the ‘burning fires’ of hell.

Whew. I’ve had a lot in my head lately…can you tell?  For the next post, I’ll bring a bit of levity to the blog.  I’ll be sure to include fluffy rabbits or unicorns or something.





  1. I applaud your bravery to put it out there. Too many people are scared to question this subject.

    Not sure you remember me from San Antonio, but I remember you. I hope you are well, despite this entry.


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